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Medical History Questionnaire  

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Are you receiving any treatment from a doctor/specialist/hospital/clinic?

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Do you or anyone in your immediate family have diabetes?

Are you allergic to any medicines or materials, if so please type them below?

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Do you have bronchitis, asthma, or any other chest condition?

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Do you smoke or use tobacco products (such as paan or gutkha)?

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Do you drink alcohol?

Do you/the patient have heart disease, lung disease, kidney disease, diabetes, or any auto-immune disorders?

Have you ever had rheumatic fever?

Have you ever had a heart attack?

Have you ever had heart surgery or a pacemaker fitted?

Have you ever had a stroke?

Have you ever had jaundice, liver, kidney disease, or hepatitis?

Have you ever had a joint replacement or other implants?

Have you ever had a bad reaction to general or local anesthetic?

Have you taken steroids in the last two years?

Ladies Only, Are you pregnant?

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The Practice Information

On the day of the appointment please arrive at your appointment time.

We recommend entering with your face mask on.

Please re-confirm that you/the patient is still symptom-free at your appointment before entering.

We recommend sanitising your/patient’s hands.

The dental practice is equipped with a ventilation system with no air recirculation ensuring fresh air at all times.

Please contact us a month before your recommended recall by SMS or email.

Thank you,

Kind regards, Reception Team

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